How To Educate Our Teens On The Dangers Of Texting While Driving

By Kat S

Not only are teens unskilled drivers, they’re emotional, and fully loaded sometimes with anger, or hormonal issues. Imagine a steady-headed teen. Though there are plenty of mature teenagers, it’s just a well-known time of life, where hormones rage, and so do teens and families.

It’s not all together a teens fault, since they have little control over their developmental process at this stage. If only all parents and teenagers realized this simple fact, it would make a big difference.

This is really real, and to acknowledge the realness of the issue of the dangers of texting while driving is to solve it completely. While there will always be untimely death, we can dampen the hard cold blows of a teen statistic that can be greatly reduced.

If teens come into this with raging hormones and a refusal to listen there is little we can do to help. Teens need education on the dangers of texting while driving.

How do we educate our teens on the dangers of texting while driving?

1. Since texting while driving can be fatal, we we need to design an all out war-type-like-method to educating teens on the dangers of texting while driving.

2. More education in the school systems. (If the school system isn’t doing their part, then a parent is surely welcome to organize events, and provide their own program of education, on their own without any help just one parent can make the difference)

3. Take charge attitude. One person is capable of making a difference in just one community. Why not call your radio station and television, cable stations, etc. and ask for free airtime as a public service announcement? Bingo, you’ve done your part.

4. Get others involved in doing anything they can to help further the education of the dangers of teens texting while driving.

5. Hold fast your own family and friends. Tell and show them how much you love them.

6. Send nice kind notes to all your nieces and nephews in their birthday cards, and gifts, saying simply, “I love you, please do not text and drive”.

7. Have a prayer each time your family is together in prayer or discussion, reminding each person in your household to hold fast their own family and friends, offering their own reminders and sharing the education to their own loved ones.

This will all surely make a difference.

Kathryn Sias works as co-owner of oAssist LLC and is from St. Louis, Missouri.

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